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SBR REPAIR® and SBR PROTECT® have been clinically proven to improve and protect against the signs and symptoms of different dry skin conditions.4,15,16

Don’t just take our word for it though! Read skin stories submitted by real people who’ve tried SBR REPAIR® and SBR PROTECT® and experienced the results for themselves!

Potso Mpandawana

It’s been a couple of weeks now using SBR Repair® and SBR Protect® and I am sold. I love a cream that leaves my skin soft and with a dash of glow.

SBR® is dermatology in a dab because just a little goes such a long way! SBR Protect® works so well for dry and sensitive skin. It helps to protect and increase skin moisture. SBR Repair® on the other hand works for very dry and damaged skin, protects and restores skin barrier.

Both are fragrance free, clinically tested and really feel so good on the skin!

Nelly Mohlomi

If you are anything like me, outdoorsy & in the sun any time you get a chance, you will soon realise how important it is to take care of your skin – something I so often forget! SBR Repair® for dry, cracked skin & SBR Protect® for irritated, sensitive skin, are changing this for me!

Lisa Kuntze

My skin tends to get very dry over winter.
I have started using SBR Repair® and SBR Protect® in my everyday skincare routine to restore my skin for summer and absolutely love both products. They are clinically proven to work and I even apply the creams to my lips at night - no more dry skin! The creams are perfect for my sensitive skin and the best is that SBR® lasts - you only need to use a small dab each time.

Elijah Shaai

I have struggled so much with dry, cracking and peeling skin which is such a red flag.
After using SBR Repair® and SBR Protect® I’ve noticed a big improvement to my skin. I started off with SBR Repair® because I had a lot of cracks in my skin and discovered that it restores the skin barrier and provides deep, long lasting hydration. I then added SBR Protect® which increases the skin moisture.

Khanyi Yende

When seasons change, my skin changes – my eczema flares up, and don’t get me started on dry skin and ashyness. A friend told me about the emollient creams, SBR Repair® for dry, cracked skin and SBR, for
irritated and sensitive skin. So, I incorporated them into my skincare routine since I’m always looking for good skin creams to protect and maintain my skin. Lalela... these 2 products are a game changer. They’ve really helped to treat my eczema and soften my dry cracked skin. SBR® is clinically proven to work, and just a little goes a long way, so dab-dab and I’m good to go.

Sibongile Faith Masango

As a person with acne prone skin, it gets
difficult to enjoy outdoor activities, because my skin gets irritated and damaged by the end of the day due to the harsh conditions of the sun. With SBR Protect®, I get to enjoy my adventurous side without worrying, because it protects my skin from getting dry, irritated and sensitive.


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